Tiger is [basically] Back

Our man Elrick won his first tournament since 2013 last weekend and the sporting world lost their collective minds. I’ve never seen anything like it…on a football Sunday no-less.

Without getting into too much detail here, at his peak Tiger was one of, if not the most dominant athlete of all time. Relax, I’m not saying he was the best athlete of all time, I’m simply saying he dominated his sport unlike almost anyone in history. Certainly more than Jack dominated golf in his era. We’re talking about Gretzky, Ruth, Bolt, Phelps, and Tiger Woods (I’m excluding women’s sports here because I simply don’t know them as well but I’d obviously include Serena in this list). From 1999-2009 Tiger Woods demoralized and emasculated the best golfers in the world. I’m not going to dive into his stats here, but he held the #1 spot in the WGR for 13 straight years.

So is Tiger Woods back to beingĀ thatĀ guy? No. He never will be and neither will any other golfer for that matter. What is back is Tiger hysteria and his ability to win against the best players in the world and both were on display last Sunday. Tiger not only won the Tour Championship against the 30 hottest players in the world, but he walked up the 18th fairway like Moses with his legion of followers behind him. The scene of him popping out of the crowd is so surreal that it’s hard to believe it happened on a golf course. It was a Happy Gilmore meets the 97′ masters scene at East Lake and everyone was captivated.

Love him or hate him, no other athlete on the planet moves the needle for their sport like Tiger moves it for golf, and that is most definitely back. People turned off Football on a Sunday and turned on Golf to watch Tiger climb back to the top of the mountain. Social media was barely a thing during Tigers first run of dominance and I can’t begin to imagine what will happen if we see a shred of what we saw from him in the early 2000’s. There are twitter accounts dedicated to tracking his every move on the golf course for christ sake (@GCTigertracker is an awesome follow, btw) and he hasn’t been a good golfer in 5 years.

I’m here for the comeback. I’m here for the show. Next stop, Augusta (after he helps the USA win a Ryder Cup of course).

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