CNN has officially lost all credibility. I’m not a Trump guy, but I have become a CNN is Fake News Guy (most of the time). It’s important to point out that those two things can both be true. Just because Trump coined the phrase “fake news” and usually applies to to CNN, doesn’t mean I have to be a Trump guy to think that CNN is peddling bull shit.

I watched Brooke Baldwin cover the most recent Kavanaugh allegations and not ONCE did that hack suggest we take a moment to consider if ANY of this was true or not. Not once did she say Kavanaugh deserves the benefit of due process or the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Not once did she question the timeline or the outrageousness of these claims.

She took at face value the following things:

  1. Kavanaugh aided gang rape.
  2. Kavanaugh was a habitual drunken molester of women.
  3. Kavanaugh was “known to spike the punch at parties with the intent to get girls drunk and take advantage of them”.

Let’s assume for the sake of this post that those things are true. And if they are, let’s make sure Brett Kavanaugh rots in jail. Assuming they are true the following is also true:

  1. This woman aided gang rape by not reporting the “lines of boys” lined up outside bedrooms waiting to take their turn on an incapacitated girl — her words, not mine.
  2. This woman returned to more than 10 parties over 2 years where girls were being molested and taken advantage of — and never said anything to anyone nor did she stop attending the parties.
  3. This woman was aware that Kavanaugh and his goons were spiking the punch at these parties to get girls drunk and take advantage of them and did or said NOTHING to anyone.

In order for these allegations to be true, we also have to point out that this woman said NOTHING to ANYONE while these horrible things were happening to “the most vulnerable” of her female classmate. She didn’t say anything to anyone? Not her friends who could fall victim, not a teacher, coach, professor, parent, friend, sibling, her journal, the police? Nobody?

Not only did she not say anything, but we can assume from her affidavit that this was “common knowledge”; So nobody said anything to anyone? An entire group of people were all okay with girls being abused for roughly 2 years at parties. Girls knew and kept coming to the parties to potentially be gang raped or date raped? Not one guy saw what was happening a stopped it? Not one person told a teacher or coach or parent or friend or the police?

A “credible” news anchor can’t sit at his or her (in this case, her) desk and not call into questions some of these things. I’m not suggesting we victim shame or call the accuser a liar. I just think in the name of fairness and “news”, we should be willing to ask the obvious critical questions and see how they are answered. There may very well be a reasonable explanation for why girls kept coming to parties where they knew they could be gang/date raped. I doubt it, but people who host “news” shows should at least have the decency to ask the question…even if it doesn’t fit their bias narrative.

This is truly a WILD accusation. If it’s true there are a lot of people that may not end up in jail but should definitely end up in Hell.

I swear to god it feels like I live in banana land sometimes. I can’t be the only one who is sick of this bullshit.


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