Off the bench

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for 10 years. Today I’ve decided it’s time to get off the bench.

So what finally motivated me to take time out of my day to set up a website and put metaphorical pen to paper? Idiots. I’m so sick of idiots that I had to create a outlet for me to talk about how stupid people have become. I’ve been telling anyone who would listen (not many) how the world has turned upside down and we’re on a path to self destruction (hopefully not in my or my sons’ lifetime).

Current events, politics, and even sports have become a sanctuary for the vocal minority to scream louder than the silent majority — and the consequences of that STINK. Politics has become a series of self righteous morons talking past each other,  current events are taken out of context and blasted through psychotic into echo chambers, and sports has become so soft and PC that it’s becoming hard to enjoy.

I still believe that the vast majority of people are normal. They don’t get offended because the sky is blue and that’s not inclusive of all the other colors. I don’t think most people cry over spilled milk or take every joke seriously. Howeva, when people of influence (blue check marks and politically motivated “new” anchors) overreact and push fale narratives it has a negative effect on the rest of us. We perceive our environment to be more divided than it actually is and we become less likely to engage with our neighbors out of fear that they’ll disagree and act like the crazy people we see online and on TV.

I don’t think this blog is going to save the world, I don’t even think anyone will read a single word I write here. I just need a place to vent and if anyone reads it I hope they take it all with a grain of salt. I’m just an average guy with average opinions. If you disagree, that’s okay.

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