We have entered unchartered territory when it comes to Supreme Court Nominations. Brett Kavanaugh (nominated to the Supreme Court by the universally loved Donald Trump) is currently being accused of some pretty gruesome stuff.

As of now, three women have come forward and have accused him of everything from inappropriate touching to being an accomplice to repeated date rape and gang rape — and everything in between. We’ve entered an era where party politics are more important that basic humanity.

Let me explain what I mean:

One of two things HAS to be true:

  1. We are about to confirm a sexual predator to The Supreme Court.
  2. False allegations that could not only ruin a man’s life and career but land him in jail are acceptable to stop a nominee we disagree with politically.

Let me repeat that. One of those two things HAS to be true. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on. One of those two statement is truth, and that’s truly sad. It’s sad that we’ve reached this point in America.

Are we comfortable with that? Is that going to be the new standard? Are we saying that if you’re preferred political party is in power it’s okay to confirm low-life scum bagsĀ (according to the accusers) to important positions inside our government? Or if your party isn’t in power and you want to block a nominee (or just run out the clock until the mid terms — which is EXACTLY what the Democrats are doing here) you can simply dig up some 35+ year old sexual misconduct claims and derail a mans nomination and life? I’m not comfortable with that new standard and I don’t think the overwhelming majority of people are either.

If he did what these women are saying he did he should go to jail. If he didn’t and this is a ploy to stop a conservative nominee from sitting on the Supreme Court then the accusers should go to jail. I’m not saying all women who accuse men of sexual assault should go to jail (The fact that I have to even write that disclaimer is basically the entire point of this website, but I know that if the wrong person reads that sentence he or she will literally lose their mind). I’m saying that women who falsely report sexual assault for personal or political gain harm 2 victims: The man they are falsely accusing and every woman who has ever been assaulted by a scumbag man. I’m not saying these allegations are false, I’m just saying that the timing is fishy (fuck the politicians who are using these women to push their own agenda) and if proven to be false or fabricated they should suffer similar consequences as Brett Kavanaugh would if they turn out to be true.

I love America. So do you. Shit like this (regardless of which side you find yourself on) is what could legitimately ruin America.

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